Standout Track: No. 7, “Fold,” the first single from Louis Weeks’ new LP, shift/away. The electronic pop song meditates on a centuries-old art: origami. “One fold, two times, two sides, one side divided, two times inside it,” chants Weeks, a 25-year-old Mount Pleasant resident. From there, the track offers a quick spelling lesson (“C-R-A-N-E-N-A-R-C”—”crane” spelled forward and backward) before it swells into a clustered blend of echoing wails.

Musical Motivation: Weeks says he recorded the song after watching a documentary about origami on PBS. He thought the Japanese art of paper-folding could serve as a metaphor for life’s experiences. “Paper tends to have memory,” says Weeks. “You make a fold and the material is intrinsically changed because of it.” Weeks applied an origami-like symmetrical theory to the song, too; every time he played a chord with his right hand, he’d use his left hand to play a chord in the opposite direction.

Paper Trails: Weeks spent roughly two years producing shift/away, which wound up dealing with a couple kinds of loss: familial and romantic. One of the last songs recorded for shift/away, “Fold” is supposed to encapsulate the album’s theme. “It’s a kind of pulling together,” Weeks says. “It achieves what I’m trying to say, even though I didn’t know I was trying to say it.”

Louis Weeks plays Velvet Lounge tonight at 9 p.m. Listen to “Fold” below.