If you’ve followed the Reston band, you know the story of RDGLDGRN. But it’s still kind of hard to believe. After some finagling by its producer, the band got D.C. hardcore and grunge vet Dave Grohl to record drums for its go-go-tinged single, “I Love Lamp.” After they wrapped, Grohl asked the band, “Well, do you guys have any more songs?” They got to work. In two days, Grohl had finished drums for the entire album.

“Doing the Most,” co-written and produced by superstar Pharrell Williams, rides a wispy pop vibe until it breaks into a vivacious bounce beat. Captions tell the band’s origin story, and try to explain its color theme—-a motif that’s followed members Red, Gold, and Green since their days with The Five One (Snippets: “They wear the same colors. Everyday.” “The band quit their jobs, released a music video, and somehow ended up here working on music with legends”).

Watch the video below.

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