This week’s winter storm has caused yet another delay. This time, it’s Keegan Theatre‘s production of Gore Vidal‘s The Best Man. Originally scheduled to open Jan. 25, the play will now open Jan. 30.

Tuesday’s storm limited rehearsal time for the 16-member cast, several of whom commute long distances to perform. On top of that, ongoing problems with theater’s heating system made for frigid interior temperatures during rehearsals. The directors ultimately decided that in the interest of safety, performances should be delayed, says Jeff Klein, the theater’s media relations manager.

Keegan Theatre is  in the process of raising funds to modernize its home on Church Street NW. Renovations are expected to include an upgraded heating and cooling system, as well as new seats, lighting, and sound.

Guests who purchased tickets for cancelled performances should contact the box office to reschedule. Additional performances may also be added.