A series in which two local figures share their thoughts on developments in D.C.-area culture. For this edition, we talk to stand-up comic “Big Al” Goodwin and Chief Ike’s Mambo Room owner “Big Al” Jirikowic.

Washington City Paper: What do you think of Trouble Funk’s new “Hump Day” music video?

“Big Al” Goodwin: Awesome! I love funky, especially with a good horn section. The sample of the girl saying “Trouble, trouble, trouble” is contagious. [Ed. note: It’s not a sample, but it is borrowed from Taylor Swift.]

“Big Al” Jirikowic: It makes me sad about losing Chuck Brown, an upstanding Washingtonian for years. Those go-go beats take me to another time.

WCP: In a battle between the French-named food chains Au Bon Pain, Pret a Manger, and Le Pain Quotidien, who wins?

BAG: Le Pain Quotidien. Their menu is the only one with a wine and beer section.

BAJ: Le Pain Quotidien hands down. They know their Left Bank baguettes.

WCP: What’s your opinion of this photograph in the Corcoran’s collection?

BAG: It tells a story of babies having babies. A mother and her baby, alone, abandoned, trying to figure out how to get by. With today’s income inequality gap, this picture unfortunately depicts more and more Americans.

BAJ: I feel bad for her, but perhaps she was very conscious of her contextual relationship to the photographer and is quite aware of being photographed. So maybe I am being punked. Hard to say.

WCP: How do you feel about puppets, like these on display at the American History Museum?

BAG: I heard a story on WAMU about this exhibit. These are from the D.C.-based show Jim Henson did in the ‘50s and ’60s called Sam and Friends. They’re D.C. icons.

BAJ: Are we all not puppets to invisible masters?

WCP: Billy Joel is playing Nationals Park on July 26. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care?

BAG: 10. Not only because I really enjoy Billy Joel’s music, but also because my good friend works for the Nationals at Nationals Park.

BAJ: Billy deserves a 10, as long as he does not get in a D.C. state of mind.

Baguette photo by Flickr user different2une used under a Creative Commons license. Head to Head graphic by Carey Jordan.