Surock‘s watershed moment came on 2011’s “Blasphemy,” a searing posse cut on which local rappers Pro’Verb, K-BETA, Lyriciss, RAtheMC, and yU spit enduring rhymes over the producer’s captivating instrumental. The beat appears near the end of Surock’s long-delayed but just-released solo project, Suck My Disk, which blends 20 short tracks into one cohesive set.

The lo-fi nostalgic album, created with an old-school drum machine, sounds like a throwback to 1980s beat tapes. It moves briskly, too; the longest tracks—-“Put It Down” and “Pre Game”—-are just two minutes and 38 seconds each. The LP has very few standouts (perhaps intentionally?), which adds to its fluidity.

With its barebones production and rough mix, Suck My Disk is a prime candidate for a cassette release. This is Walkman music. Stream it below.