in which the author discusses a book he’d read, if time permitted.

Title: The Jesus Lizard Book

Authors: Duane Denison, Mac McNeilly, David Wm. Sims, David Yow, a.k.a. The Jesus Lizard, a scary post-punk quartet from Chicago

The Vibe: Masculine

What’s In It: A bunch of cool pictures of The Jesus Lizard at various stages of its 20-plus year career; essays by the band and assorted punk luminaries such as Touch and Go founder Corey Rusk and uber-engineer Steve Albini

Quotable: “The opening second of [Jesus Lizard album] Liar is hands down the greatest opening second of any album ever recorded. It makes the introductory chord of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ sound like a chorus of wet farts.”

I Once Saw: Shirtless Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow squeeze his nipple, then offer it to a moshpit to squeeze as well.

Disclaimer: Like the Jesus Lizard, I too once recorded for Touch and Go records—-but this is a bit like Chester A. Arthur pointing out that he, like Abraham Lincoln, was also an American president.