SILVER SPRING, MD: Amon Amarth performs at the Fillmore Silver Spring. January 31, 2014. ? Brandon Wu / for the Washington City Paper.

Fans of Swedish death metal stalwarts Amon Amarth would probably describe the band as “consistent” and “reliable”; detractors might say “predictable” instead. You know what you’re going to get from an Amon Amarth album or live show: solid, ridiculously catchy, accessible death metal. In that respect the band’s show last Friday came with no surprises—-but that’s certainly what fans expected, and almost as certainly what they wanted.

Opening act Enslaved has been similarly consistent over the years, although its sound has shifted dramatically (over the course of more than two decades) from sharp-edged black metal to something much more contemplative, almost Pink Floyd-ish. The short, 45-minute opening slot it’s so often given doesn’t really do its material justice, as many of its songs are lengthy and need room to breathe—-but like Amon Amarth, after so many years of practice it knows how to deliver.

Thanks to the Fillmore’s laudable tendency to get things rolling right on time, I missed the first opener, Ohio’s Skeletonwitch. Check out photos of the other bands in the full slideshow.