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At this point, Lorde‘s “Royals” is firmly embedded in this moment in pop culture. Released last summer, it proved a smash hit for the New Zealand singer, one that culminated with her recently taking home four Grammys for her trouble.

But local rapper and singer Maimouna Youssef has a response to Lorde’s hit. It comes in the form of her new adaptation of the song, “We’re Already Royal,” a defense of have-nots who are justified in their fantasies of—-as Lorde’s original references—-diamonds, Cristal, and Maybach cars. It’s a call to arms, of sorts, for the hustlers and those on the indie grind who shine their own way. Though Youssef also reminds listeners that wealth doesn’t equal happiness—-and that true success is the kind attained with integrity.

Stream “We’re Already Royal” below.