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Ian Svenonius‘ conceptual vehicle Chain & the Gang plans to release its fourth album, Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll, on April 15. The LP will be released on the frontman’s new record label, Radical Elite, and it’s apparently the debut of a new genre, too: what Svenonius calls “crime rock.”

Here’s how Svenonius describes the genre and the album’s ethos in a press release sent by Dischord this morning:

Miniumum Rock ‘n’ Roll is a challenge to all the tiresome groups with no content, no heart, no soul, no direction—-who parade around like mediocres onstage with an inherited diagram of acceptable behavior. What are they striving towards? A slot at a festival? Chain & the Gang want it all. They want justice in this universe and the other ones in the other dimensions. And that starts with aesthetic justice. MRR is naked, raw, catalyst, creepy, crazy, cretinous…”crime rock.” Minimum Rock n Roll uses fewer beats, fewer words, fewer ideas…”Why pay more for unneeded words rhymes and riffs?” is the philosophy behind the album. It’s a purely distilled rejection of the indie-rock prescription for enforced brain-dead, artless mediocrity.

Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll will be released on LP and MP3 and distributed exclusively by Dischord Direct. Check out the track list after the jump, and watch the video’s promo video—-starring D.C.’s Francy Graham (also of Dudes)—-up top.

1) Devitalize
2) Never Been Properly Loved
3) I’m a Choice (Not a Child)
4) Stuck in a Box
5) Got to Have it Every Day
6) Fairy Dust
7) Mums the Word
8) Crime Don’t Pay
9) What R U In Here For
10) Minimum Rock N Roll
11) Curtain Pull
12) Everything Worth Getting is Gone