Shy Glizzy released a new single, “Medellín,” this afternoon—-and if you’re familiar with the D.C. rapper’s music or the infamous Medellín Cartel that inspired his latest, you already know what the song’s about. If not, the single’s cover image of Pablo Escobar with a handful of rubber bands and cash strewn about is a dead giveaway. Love coke rap? Proceed with unabated glee.

For his latest ode to the drug trade, Glizzy recruited producer Zaytoven, who crafts a trancelike beat. Glizzy again utilizes a sing-songy flow, harmonizing over horror film-inspired keys while posing drug-dealer questions (“Why you got a trap phone if it don’t ring?”) and making the requisite drug-dealer boasts (“Fuck a trap house, got a whole trap store”).

Glizzy is joined by Atlanta rapper Young Scooter, the mind behind the 2012 street anthem “Colombia” for discussion of South American “business” excursions.

From a production standpoint, “Medellín” sounds like Gucci Mane circa 2009, and though neither Glizzy nor Scooter break new ground with the drug talk, this should strike a chord among fans of obnoxious bass and Cocaine Cowboys.

Listen to the track below.