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Of all the things you can say about Oddisee‘s instrumental music, “pastoral” comes to mind first. From 2011’s Rock Creek Park and Odd Seasons, to last year’s The Beauty in All, it’s clear that the Largo, Md., native has a taste for big spaces and rustic tranquility.

Today, Oddisee released a new video for “Caprice Down,” a chillwave-inspired song from The Beauty in All. The clip, directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas, documents a day in the lives of three Long Beach skateboarders—-Big Juice, E.C., and ManMan—-as they roll through Los Angeles. The crew, part of a skate collective called “Hammer City,” doesn’t do anything unusual, as they whirl across flat surfaces and ride a few guard rails.

It’s all part of their grand voyage to a city peak, where the trio ends the day with a nice view of downtown L.A. Wouldn’t be an Oddisee video without a little sightseeing.

Watch “Caprice Down,” below.