It’s been two years since we’ve heard from Bop Alloy, the nocturnal side project of rapper Substantial and Seattle producer Marcus D. The group’s 2010 debut put a modern spin on jazz-infused hip-hop, and its 2012 remix album offered an alternative to overly ignorant rap.

The group’s new album, Another Day in the Life Of…, explores the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, according to Bop Alloy’s Kickstarter page. With lead single “Count on Us,” Substantial riffs on the numeral system, finding clever ways to count from 1 to 40: “We focused, in 2021, we may have more for you/But still be underrated, they say that’s a Catch-22/Wanna be, rated the greatest like No. 23, but since I think that’s too forward, that somethin’ we might never see.”

Get it? 2 4-ward?

Musically, “Count on Us” is what you’d expect from Bop Alloy: a contemporary groove with piano and wind instruments. Another Day in the Life of… is out April 8.

Listen to “Count on Us,” below.