This new Chain & the Gang song is an anti-gentrification anthem, right? “I wanna devitalize the city/I wanna devitalize the air/I wanna devitalize just about everywhere,” chants songwriter/vocalist Ian Svenonius on “Devitalize,” a track that premiered today on Vice‘s Noisey outlet.

The song is from the band’s forthcoming album, Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll, out on Svenonius’ Radical Elite label April 15.

“I wanna peel the paint/Rush the rails/Close everything so nothing’s for sale,” Svenonius continues. “I want the middle class to feel alone/Like strangers in their own home.” By the end, he’s just telling everybody to get lost. “Shut it down! Get out! Get out!”

So. Anyone into that restaurant opening on 14th Street tonight?

Listen to “Devitalize,” below.