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Wanna get married? Heats got you covered.s got you covered.

DJ Heat recently became an ordained minister. “Only took like 30 seconds online,” she said on Facebook. “Any happy couples want me to perform their wedding?” The popular DMV diplomat has made her directorial debut with three recent videos: Don Juan‘s “No Make Up” and “The Worst,” and B.E.‘s “Addiction,” which she shot after clocking out of her gig as co-anchor of WPGC’s weekday morning show. Then Heat was featured in PHZ-Sicks‘ new video for “Black Women.” (She wants to be in more videos, y’all.)

Oh, and she still runs the DC Mumbo Sauce blog, one of the region’s go-to sources for new DMV hip-hop songs. “You can’t just do one thing in this industry,” Heat says with a laugh.

So DJ Heat is keeping busy. To learn the ropes of directing music videos, she interned with local production company Cool Kids Forever. Then she asked Don Juan if she could direct his videos; the “No Make Up” clip is Heat’s first video ever. “The Worst” was inspired by an episode of TV show Scandal, in which trained killer Huck tortures character Quinn.

Is Heat serious about this? “My interest in directing videos started a while ago,” she says. “I equate it to the same feeling I got when I knew I wanted to DJ, that strong gut feeling that I really want to do this. People make time for what they care about.”

Peep the Heat-directed videos below.

Don Juan, “No Make Up”


B.E., “Addiction”

Don Juan, “The Worst”