Released in 2012, Substantial‘s Home is Where the Art Is tackled adult issues—spending time with the wife, life’s yins and yangs, changing dirty diapers, that sorta thing. It was a mature turn for the Prince George’s County native, whose rhymes were more combative on his previous solo album.

Out today, Art Is Where the Home Is reworks the 2012 project with chill new instrumentals from The Other Guys (“Neighborhood Watch”), Sean Toure’ (“See Hear”), and Bop Alloy collaborator Marcus D (“Resilent”). There are live versions of LP standouts “Check My Resume” and “See Hear,” with D.C. band Sound of the City providing the percussive backdrop. “Love Lost,” originally featured on a DJ Jav mixtape, makes great use of piano loops and upright bass. In the end, Substantial’s Art is more laid-back than the original, but it’s still a worthwhile listen. Grown-man rap works well for the MC.