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Virginia rapper GoldLink released a visual for “The God Complex (When I Die)” last week, and it feels

more like the climax of a 120-minute drama than a 150-second clip. The title track for his upcoming project has a distorted yet soulful bounce via producer McCallaman. Think the early aughts, like something J. Dilla might’ve supplied Common with for Like Water for Chocolate. Lyrically, GoldLink ponders what’ll happen to him when he exits the realm of the living, hoping that the loose ends left by his early departure are resolved.

The video, directed by Nathan R. Smith, begins will youthful exuberance, as well as one of the more memorable white Lexus scenes since Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” video nearly 20 years ago. The recklessness and immature feelings of invincibility that the song’s title suggest are echoed by the action you see on screen, and the video’s take on the final moments before death just might leave you meditating on your own mortality.

A strong offering both musically and visually, this should boost anticipation for GoldLink’s The God Complex, which will be released on April 1.