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Standout Track: No. 6, “Your Lover,” a seductive duet that floats gently through sonic space. “Take a step back,” singer Asha Santee moans softly, “let me see my options and possibilities.” Group member Jennifer Patience Rowe sings the hook: “You’re the only one, I hear your whispers loud and clear, say ‘baby come.’” It’s a come-hither line on a project full of direct advances.

Musical Motivation: Like everything else on The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat’s new EP, “Your Lover” takes its time—a good thing, given the boot-knocking subject matter. “It’s simply about having a deep conversation with somebody, just past the physical,” Santee says. “It’s about the confidence it takes to please that person.” And the track is personal: “I was feeling a connection with somebody,” Santee says. “It was a process of getting into the feelings I had for that person.”

Wait for It: Driven by keys and emotive singing, The West Wing Project moves through seven songs over a sprawling 40 minutes, and Santee and Rowe say there’s order in the chaos. “The EP tells an intense and emotional story,” Santee says. “It all makes sense when you listen to the end.”