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Rapper Obii Say‘s output has been spotty in recent years—not surprising, since he comes off as introspective and close-guarded. But when he drops something new, it’s usually a worthwhile listen. On his 2011 mixtape, Donuts for the Villagers, Obii spit bars over a few J Dilla instrumentals. His 2012 single, “Plastic,” was a foreshadowing gem that predicted despair: “I’m on the curb with a killer,” went the song’s takeaway line, “10 years before he becomes a killer.”

Now Obii is back with a new song and self-directed video for “Whose World?” The beat is methodical and piano-driven, and Obii is as reflective as ever: “‘I thought you was going back to school, huh?’/Naw, Grandma, I’m fuckin’ with this music, but/I guess if this shit don’t work out/I’ll be going back to school then.”

Fair enough. Here’s hoping it’s the start of something new.