Diamond District rapper Uptown XO has been quiet recently, a surprise given the steady stream of music he usually puts out. But that’s likely to change in the coming months: Diamond District is putting final touches on its long-awaited sophomore album, March on Washington, and group member yU is slated to drop a collaborative LP with producer SlimKat as The 1978ers.

Out today, XO is back with a new video for “Who,” which can be heard on his 2008 mixtape, Takeover Part 2. The video, much like XO’s other clips, celebrates the gritty aspects of D.C. Toward the middle of the clip, a friend reflects on the first time he heard XO rap: “I ain’t even know he was a rapper, but he was talking to me, letting me know who he was, I was blown away.”

YouTube video

And just for fun, Indie Love Enterprises—in collaboration with Cricket Cemetery—announced the release of Takeover Part 2 on colored vinyl. They’ve only pressed 100 copies, so act fast if you’re interested. Go here to purchase, and stream the mixtape below.