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In December, EDM producer Martyn dropped this nifty little gem, “Be My Own Pupil.” He created it during the sessions for his new album, The Air Between Words, his third full-length album and the first since 2011’s Ghost People.

The Air Between Words is out June 16 on Ninja Tune, Martyn announced today. He says it stems from a discontent with mainstream dance music, a smoke-and-mirrors scene that doesn’t allow individual creativity. “I’ve seen the machine behind electronic music,” Martyn tells Arts Desk. “A lot of EDM musicians think they have their own careers, but it’s just the machine telling you what to do. I found I wasn’t really into that.”

As a result, Martyn says, he went back to basics for The Air Between Words, trading the digital aspects of his previous music for a lo-fi, analog sound. “I used to have all the latest programs, but I threw all that out,” he says.

To prepare for the new album, Martyn says he listened to old-school pop and new wave and studied Taoism, which led to the LP’s philosophical theme: “I’m enjoying the physical process of making music again,” he says. “I’m really proud and happy with the results.”

Listen to “Be My Own Pupil” and take a peek at the track list below.

1. Forgiveness Step 1
2. Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet)
3. Empty Mind
4. Drones
5. Love of Pleasure (with copeland)
6. Two Leads and a Computer
7. Forgiveness Step 2
8. Like That
9. Lullaby
10. Fashion Skater