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When Ian Svenonius, per his anti-gentrification salvo “Devitalize,” has turned back D.C.’s tide of cool bars, soaring property values, and, um, sanitary sewage infrastructure, will the rest of us also dress like we stepped out of a mid-’80s Kix concert? Spiv and his Chain and the Gang bandmates look appropriately trashy in the new, awesomely green-screened video for “Devitalize,” the first single off the group’s upcoming full-length, Minimum Rock & Roll.

User warning: Watch this video and you may never mow your lawn again.

Need more lessons for these complicated times? Chain and the Gang sent Arts Desk another burst of Jacobinic rock ‘n’ roll semisatire: “Mum’s the Word,” a cautionary anthem for all would-be snitches. Over a steamroller bass line and a jagged-as-glass guitar lead, Svenonius touts the virtues of tight lips like he’s introducing the latest iteration of the Twist. “Don’t tell no one,” he snarls, “I’m here to tell you the word is mum.”

Minimum Rock & Roll drops May 6. Listen to “Mum’s the Word”: