“You’ve always been good to us D.C….I love it here,” said the Hold Steady lead singer Craig Finn on Monday at the start of the band’s sold-out 9:30 Club show. Out supporting Teeth Dreams, the band’s first release in four years, the Hold Steady and the 9:30 Club crowd are always a study in how a band and an audience can be in true congregation with each other. You don’t just go to their concert and watch a show—it’s something much more visceral.

It took a little longer than usual to reach that point on Monday—hey, it’s been four years, and it was only the second night of the tour—but with the first chords of “Your Little Hoodrat Friend,” you could feel the two sides finally lock into each other. “Thank you for being part of this scene,” said Finn at the show’s end. The Hold Steady were home.

Cheap Girls, from Lansing, Mich., opened the show, and the band definitely secured a few new fans with its blazing brand of power-pop. You know a band is doing something great when a longtime 9:30 Club bartender, someone who’s seen just about every act, asks you, “Hey do you know these guys? What’s the best record to buy?” Out supporting its latest release, Famous Graves, this band is full of catchy hooks and awesome lyrics. Keep an eye on ’em.

See photos from both sets in the gallery.

Set List:

I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You Stuck Between Stations Big Cig Sequestered In Memphis Constructive Summer Hot Soft Light Rock Problems Magazines You Can Make Him Like You The Sweet Part of the City The Only Thing Spinners The Ambassador The Weekenders Your Little Hoodrat Friend Southtown Girls Chips Ahoy —- Citrus Massive Nights Multitude of Casualties Almost Everything Stevie Nix Slapped Actress Stay Positive