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If you’re into the D.C. club scene, we’ve got some exciting news for you: One of EDM’s hottest young stars, it seems, is set to play Echostage next month, and tickets went on sale today at noon. Is it Tiesto, you ask? Nope. Deadmau5? Not quite.

If you guessed Paris Hilton, ten points and a $500 bottle of vodka for you.

I wanted so badly to take this announcement seriously—I have a thing for underdogs (despite her vast riches and fame, Hilton could probably be considered an underdog in the world of music journalism) and I like to root for women in male-dominated fields. But the press copy on the promoter’s website, so desperate to prove that Hilton is a real talent worth watching, is impossible to read with a straight face:

She hit the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, she’s got a full on legit residency in Atlantic City,

Not just any residency! A full-on, legit one. She’s not a fake DJ, see?

she’s one of the self proclaimed ‘Top 5 DJ’s in the World’…

Because that’s how rankings are set: either by independently verified door-sales stats, or by self-proclamation.

After scoring a major $400,000, four-gig residency at Harrah’s Casino’s ‘After Dark’ party in Atlantic City, 

In case there was any confusion, the Harrah’s website clarifies that, at Hilton’s DJ nights, the music is provided by DJ Eddie Edge.

the socialite/reality star/actress/singer turned DJ is hitting Echostage for a live DJ set 

She wasn’t just the star of a reality TV show that made fun of poor people. She’s the star of reality itself.

She didn’t make the Forbes top 13 Electronic Cash Kings for 2013 … but don’t be surprised if she pops up on the list next year.

If her music doesn’t win her any awards, maybe she can net one based on salary?

Hilton’s Echostage gig should be full of smiles and selfies, if her Harrah’s promo clip is any indication, and it’s completely possible that Hilton has discovered a love and talent for spinning dance music. But, more than likely, it’s another example of how “DJ” is becoming an acceptable term for just about anyone who’s paid to stand behind a booth and wave their arms around. I couldn’t help but think of this cartoon, which I first saw a couple of years ago when it seemed like all my friends were moving to Brooklyn to become DJs/filmmakers/poets/lifestyle curators.

There’s plenty of room for amateur DJs in live music. But, unlike most other forms of music-making, this one’s easy to dilute or even fake. Here’s hoping there are still some doctors left—-and even some legit, full-on DJs—-when I’m 42.

Photo from Hilton’s Instagram feed