After diligently working on his Def Jam debut, Maryland rapper Logic is back to releasing new music. Fresh from airing out opportunists and fake friends on “Now,” he’s back with “While You Wait,” the title track from his upcoming EP. Produced beautifully by Swiff D, “While You Wait” is a thank you note to his real fans. “It’s crazy when I hit the road and meet you face to face/To learn my lyrics have meaning and truly hold a place/You tell me something crazy like ‘Logic, you saved my life’/Who would’ve thought writing my wrongs could do such a right?” Where Logic sounded genuinely perturbed by impostors on “Now,” the authentic appreciation for his true fans shines through on “While You Wait.”

Logic sounds far more sincere when showing gratitude than he does frustration, which makes “While You Wait” superior to “Now.” While You Wait and its accompanying tour should hold fans over until his album is released, so enjoy “While You Wait” while you wait.