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Standout Track: No. 2, “New Nazis,” a jumpy, punky slab from ex-Antelope and ex-Caution Curves threesome Puff Pieces, a combo of Mount Pleasant guitarist Justin Moyer (an occasional Washington City Paper contributor) and Brightwood residents Amanda Huron (drums) and Mike Andre (bass and vocals). The tune—from a 7-inch on Lovitt Records, out April 19—is darn catchy, not to mention easy to march to. Perfect for a song about the second coming of the Third Reich.

Musical Motivation: “The emotional feel of the music is anthemic yet with a sort of cartoon paranoia,” says 39-year-old Andre. “Building on that theme of paranoia, the lyrics ask, in a humorous way, how one should respond to the outbreak of some kind of hideous will to power.” In the song, Andre warns of legions of Hitler-Jugend, knocking over beverages and harshing our mellows: “What are you gonna think when the new Nazis spill your drink?/Who are you gonna call when you hear Nazis in the hall?” If you don’t have an answer, you’d better start updating your emergency contacts list.

Wuss in Boots: The band’s name sounds like a crack at fawning journalism, but it’s better understood as a rallying cry for softies. “It implies a sort of fluffy puffery and helps to establish an environment in which wimps of all types are made to feel comfortable and appreciated,” Andre says. Weaklings, when the nouveau Nazis come to town, stand tall! You’ve got this.

Puff Pieces plays Comet Ping Pong May 29. Listen to “New Nazis” below.