Give Beyond Modern credit for being aware. The group knows that its collision of hip-hop and EDM is best suited for the

warmer months, so they dropped “Top of the World” just as it’s finally started to feel like spring. On their latest track, the energetic duo aim to do what they genuinely love: make people dance—and dance they will.

The production, the work of Beyond Modern’s own Surr Jazz, ends up somewhere between the dark ‘80s sounds of the Less Than Zero soundtrack, the bubblegum-scented pop hits of the late ‘90s and a day party at Palms in Las Vegas. Rappers Marx and Jazz make it a distinctly Beyond Modern creation, one Kanye West-influenced New Girl reference at a time: “Let’s show up hate as hell/You can be my black Zooey Deschanel,” the song begins. The second verse opens with more nods to interracial relations: “Back when Juicy was the shit to rock/Back when white chicks thought that shit was hot/I’d do anything so say I bagged one/’Damn, you got a white girl and she a bad one?'” Kanye himself would be proud.

The weather appears to have stabilized for the better, and Beyond Modern just wants everyone to be happy and sweat off about five pounds from nonstop dancing. The duo also promises that its next project, Distorted Reality, will be out this summer. In the meantime, keep dancing your ass off to “Top of the World,” after the jump.