GoldLink has an appreciation for non-linear storytelling. Like Pulp Fiction, his new video for “Ay Ay” begins at the end, then cuts away to a surefire attention-grabber: three lingerie-clad women gyrating (I refuse to say twerking) in slow motion. One is even holding an Uzi, which automatically brings Jackie Brown’s “Chicks Who Love Guns” scene to mind. Director Nathan R. Smith (who also directed GoldLink’s “When I Die” video) clearly took a cue from the song’s “Bounce that ass for my kinfolk” hook, creating the strongest possible link between lyrics and visuals.

As the inspired “Men in Black” sample arrives, the three femme fatales—clad in black leather jackets, of course—take a male hostage from a rooftop into a room with menacing red lighting. But this evil “Red Light Special” is no interrogation, as the trio pour gold coins on their captive while praying before a shrine made in homage of their deity: GoldLink himself, natch. Human sacrifice is imminent.

GoldLink continues to push boundaries in his videos, while, for the most part, staying off-camera (he’s notoriously loath to reveal his face and name). Wondering what he’ll do next? Give The God Complex a few more spins and try to make a prediction.