If Kingpen Slim was a basketball player, he’d be Scottie Pippen, the well-rounded everything-man who could D you up, score 20-plus points and run the offense, or dunk on you and step over your fallen carcass. Musically, Slim can craft bubbly radio singles and sullen street tales with ease, both of which are unforced and mostly enjoyable.

On “Trippin,” Slim’s new Mark Henry-produced single featuring rappers Black Cobain and Phil Adé, the trio spits whimsical rhymes about trendy shoes, private parties, and the U.S. president. “In the spot where Barack Hussein living/that’s DMV, and MD is me,” Adé says at one point. Yeah, it’s a bit blustery, but it works.

It’s the first track from Slim’s forthcoming album, Life After Doubt, out this summer. Watch the video, directed by Amil Barnes, after the jump.

YouTube video