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It doesn’t take long for Raheem DeVaughn to state the purpose of his new mixtape, King of Loveland 2. “Yeah, this what we doin’ for the summer,” he says at the beginning of the tape, on a remix of Future‘s “U.O.E.N.O.” “It’s a rebirth of the baby boom era.” Hell, just read some of the song titles: “Whole on a Baby,” “Sex,” “Between the Sheets,” “Cum.” It’s just another day for DeVaughn, who’s made a career of the type of erotic jams that comprise this project.

For Loveland 2, the singer jacks a few industry beats—The Roots‘ “Don’t Feel Right,” among others—to stake his claim as the king of panty-soaking R&B. On “Between the Sheets,” for instance, DeVaughn lends a nice cover of the Isley Brothers classic, which is clearly about lovemaking, yet a bit more nuanced than present-day soul music. But if you thought DeVaughn would ease up on the pillow talk, he quickly brings you back to reality. “Sweaty as a night in June,” he wails at the beginning of “Cum.” “Naked, lying in the nude.”

You want more? “Ya biite me … and scratch me … when ya screeeeam.”

Was it good for you?