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yU has always been a solid MC, yet somewhere along the way, he became a good producer, too. His 2011 instrumental album, A Garbage Beat Tape, came out of nowhere as a 23-track collection of short funk breaks and muffled soul. (I can’t speak for y’all, but I didn’t know yU had beats until that project.)

From there, the Deanwood musician has gotten better as a producer; occasionally, he’ll post snippets of new work to his Instagram account. For his new song, “OohLahdHard,” yU flips a cool reggae sample into a laid-back groove, setting a calm pace for his reminiscing: “I come from a time where you would earn the right to speak,” the MC proclaims, his voice growing more declarative with each bar. “Fellas get overzealous, jealous, off witcha wig/And it’s just competition, and that’s just the way it is.”

yU’s rhymes connect with fluidity on “OohLahdHard,” as with his other songs, and the Caribbean chop makes for a nice, summery vibe. Stream or download after the jump.