I hope the members of Priests buy their PR rep a round of drinks tonight—-today saw a monster boost in the buzz around the band’s soon-to-be-released freshman EP. A full profile ran in this morning’s Washington Post, just a few hours before All Songs Considered debuted “Doctor,” a track from the upcoming Bodies and Control and Money and Power. Besides the fact that the garage-punk four-piece has a formidable publicity machine working in its favor (thanks to, presumably, Don Giovanni Records), all this talk is a testament to the band’s infectious energy and fresh, unapologetic take on a genre that’s not so new.

“Doctor” jumps right off the starting blocks with heavy, halting guitars and high-hats that nag like a mosquito in your ear. It’s dissonant and dirty as anything, but by the time the chorus comes around, it’s catchy as a schoolyard chant: “You put your fingers in other people’s mouths all day/Don’t you, doctor?” Singer Katie Alice Greer—-showing off her full range of throaty growls, crackling screams, and even a hint of low vibrato—-somehow manages to make it sound at once accusatory and coy. “Swallow it up!” she barks. It sounds like an order you wouldn’t dare not follow.

Bodies and Control and Money and Power drops June 3, and Priests will play a release show at the Black Cat with the Shondes and Pink Wash on June 2. Listen to “Doctor” after the jump.

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