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Released in February, Surock‘s Suck My Disk showcased the local producer’s affinity for lo-fi sounds with 20 evocative vignettes of grainy hip-hop. There weren’t many standouts on Disk, but it moved with such fluidity that it didn’t matter; the project felt more like a 1980s beat tape than a modern-day release.

Last week, Surock released a new song, “Trouble,” from his forthcoming collaborative album—called Choose Your Own Adventure: Murderland—with Ohio rapper Copywrite. Here, Surock offers a driving, piano-laced rhythm for Copywrite’s clear-headed reflection: “October 22nd, last time I took a drink/That’s why I look at things half-full instead of half-empty.”

“Trouble” provides an open look into the rapper’s calamitous past and how it shaped his current perspective. Copywrite draws inspiration from his father’s cremated remains, and he hasn’t forgotten that his sister was the one who found their deceased mother: “She found her comatose due to an overdose.” After the verse, Surock’s instrumental takes over with impassioned wails and a gospel-infused call-and-response.

Just for fun, “Trouble” ends with the customary “Holy shit!” chant usually heard after a big move in professional wrestling. It provides nice levity to the sentimental track. Stream “Trouble” after the jump.