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Standout Track: No. 4, “Come In Waves,” a breezy, harmony-laden folk ballad from the Pushovers‘ debut album, which drops on Saturday. The track’s instrumentation is sparse; only a softly plucked acoustic guitar hangs in the back of the mix to provide melodic support. Mostly, “Come In Waves” showcases the trio’s gorgeous, interlocking vocals, which make the song feel as if it were beamed out of some smoky Greenwich Village club circa 1962.

Musical Motivation: The queer-identified band members—lead guitarist and singer Nancy Eddy, bassist Mara Levi, and drummer and keyboardist Liz DeRoche—wrote the chorus and main vocal melody while on an inspiration-seeking stroll together in a park near Levi’s Brooklyn home. Feeling connected with the tranquil, Zen-inducing nature of their surroundings, the words hit them all at once. “One person came up with ‘come in waves,’ another came up with ‘slowly I roll,’” says DeRoche. “It was very much a group effort.”

Long-Distance Call: When the Pushovers first started, all three members lived in D.C. (Levi in Cleveland Park, Eddy in Columbia Heights, and DeRoche near Eastern Market). But they’ve since spread out. Now only DeRoche lives in D.C., with Levi residing in Brooklyn and Eddy in Baltimore. Making creative decisions can be difficult because of the distance. “If we ever have any business we need to do or if we need to finish a song, it’s so challenging,” says DeRoche. “We have like a hundred, long-chain emails of just one topic.” At the same time, distance has brought them closer as both collaborators and friends. “When we get together, it’s really special,” she says. “We’re all really, really excited when we get to work together and I think we got a lot more done because of that.”

The Pushovers play an album release party at the Corner Store on June 21. Stream “Come In Waves” after the jump.