It makes sense for the Other Guys and Tanya Morgan to work together; both rap duos have garnered attention through unique means. In 2012, the Other Guys—the local producer/MC duo of “Mighty” Joe Myles and Isaiah Mensah—-emerged as a nostalgic alternative to systematic rap, its “do it for the love” approach just as wistful as the beats Myles creates. The duo has only gotten better the past couple years, a progression that culminated with last year’s instrumental EP, The Week, which Myles and Mensah created during a week off from their day jobs.

On its 2006 debut, Moonlighting, Tanya Morgan made fun of itself and its weird name: A patron walks into a record store and asks about the song that’s playing. The record store clerk sells him a cassette of a rap group named Tanya Morgan. No one likes it, and the tape changes hands several times before it’s eventually sold back to the record store. Tanya Morgan—made up of Brooklyn rappers Donwill and Von Pea—has cultivated a nice career path by simply not taking themselves too seriously.

In many ways, the duos’ latest collaborative song, “Blow My Mind,” is exactly what you’d expect. First off, the music sounds like it should blast from a boom box, not your shitty computer speakers. Then Von Pea gets realistic: “Hey, we might not be a million sold/We prolly hit a million souls.” Myles, using his fragmented flow, claims that rap is devoid of “real lyrics,” and the Other Guys want to bring that back. It’s true that rap doesn’t emphasize wordplay, but is the genre too far gone by now? Time will tell.

“Blow My Mind” is the first single from the Other Guys’ forthcoming album, Seeds of Ambition, out July 15 via Hipnott Records. Stream the track after the jump.