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How did you celebrate your elementary school graduation? Maybe you got some ice cream afterward, or some R&R at the community pool. But did you record an album with your dad? Well then, your celebration wasn’t as cool as Tobias Felton‘s—the son of D.C. mainstay W. Ellington Felton—who released his own EP, The Prestige, to commemorate his transition to secondary school.

Out today, the 10-year-old doesn’t try to sound overly grown; instead, the young Felton chastises adulthood and makes you realize that we’re not too sophisticated. Like on “Grown-Ups,” for instance: “Don’t be quick to grow up, be a kid and chill/Grown-ups complain about money and bills/They hate on each other, even if they’re happy.”

Tobias’ delivery won’t floor you, but it’s clear he’s got skills and was coached by his father. And the blunt honesty? Adult rappers could learn a thing or two. The young Felton isn’t lying about topics to make himself sound cool. Tobias dedicates “Transitions” to his classmates, goes to another grade, and says good riddance to his former school’s “spoiled milk and the nasty fries.” Kids say the darndest things.

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