A recent post on the Dischord Records website brings (semi-)bad news: vinyl prices for releases by the label will go up by $2 as of August 1, making LPs $13, EPs $12 and 7”s $5. So, if you’ve been procrastinating on getting one of those Jawbox reissues and don’t want to shell out the extra dough, you’ve got just short of a month and a half to order up.

Dischord manager Brian Lowit, who says the store’s record prices haven’t gone up in over five years, assures Arts Desk

that the decision was pretty standard. “It’s pretty noncontroversial,” he says. “Every once in awhile we just have to review where our prices are at, and our manufacturers keep raising the cost on us.”

Prices for DVD’s, CD’s, and digital albums will not change. Read some of the chatter on the price jump at Vinyl Collective forum.

Correction: Due to a reporting error, this post originally implied that all records distributed by Dischord would increase in cost. Only prices of releases from the label are, in fact, rising.