Call me an old head, a “backpacker” or whatever, but rap music was a lot different in 1995. I mean, we had our bullshit—-hey there, Puffy—-but there was a lot more balance on the radio and TV. Sure, there were heavy doses of mainstream rap, but it wasn’t a big thing to see Group Home‘s “Livin’ Proof” video on BET’s Rap City program. Hell, if you stayed awake long enough, you might’ve even heard the track on FM radio on a late Saturday night.

In an EP out today, Prince George’s County rappers Lyriciss and Osiris Green repurpose the Group Home debut with their own gritty rhymes about police harassment and false prophets, among other taboo topics. Though enjoyable, it breezes by pretty quickly; its 14-minute runtime is good for time-strapped listeners, but not so much for those who’d like to hear more depth.

Still, it shows that lyrics still matter. Stream the EP after the jump.