Teen Mom carved out a nice, fuzzy indie pop niche two years ago with its debut EP Mean Tom. The band’s continued to tinker with their sound since, exploring shoegaze à la the Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride on 2013’s Gilly.

Today, the band released its latest single, “I’m In Love With His Dreams,” marking another venture into new sonic territory. The track ditches the trio’s lo-fi, distorted aesthetic for clean, twangy guitar tones and a propulsive waltz-tempo backing. The band’s key ingredients are still there—faraway Stone Roses-esque vocals hold down the reverb section and a tempo change evokes ’90s indie rock balladry. But the more complex drumming and almost math-y verses showcase a band more confident swinging outside genre boundaries.

According to D.C. Music Download, the band’s hoping to release new material in September. Stream “I’m In Love With His Dreams” below.