The author and artist Amber Lee. Photo by Renée Regan.

Nudity, vomiting, and lots of feelings: what our reporter witnessed during 25 straight hours of performance art at DC Arts Center [Arts Desk]

Barack Obama will award WAMU’s Diane Rehm with the National Humanities Medal. [DCist]

The secret to selling out a Capital Fringe show? Serve booze and talk about sex. [Post]

Sarah Schaffer and Ben Richter of the Communiverse on putting on house shows and planning the inaugural In It Together Fest [BYT]

A D.C. judge will allow a group of activists to testify against the Corcoran’s dissolution. What happens if they win? [Arts Desk]

Meet SlimKat78 and Kev Brown, two producers making notable local tracks. [Bandwidth]

“Get on Up,” a James Brown biopic, premiered at the Newseum. [Post]

Photo by Renée Regan.

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