Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is all about the District this weekend. Before the Montreal group takes over the Verizon Center this Sunday with Dan Deacon, you can spot a few of the band’s members at smaller gigs at the Rock & Roll Hotel.

Frontman Win Butler kicks off the weekend with a free DJ set as Windows 98 at the Rock & Roll Hotel tonight at midnight. Butler has previously DJed under the moniker Windows 95, so it looks like he’s updated his operating system for free. Here’s hoping the set will now run DVDs and high-speed Internet Explorer 4.0.

And on Saturday, Arcade Fire guitarist Will Butler will open for the punk supergroup United Nations at the H Street NE venue. It’s hard to say what exactly he’ll be playing—-the younger Butler was recently nominated for an Academy Award for Her’s melancholic score, which is doesn’t totally jive with the sound of the Thursday-affiliated headliner.

Arcade Fire regroups on Sunday for the latest date in the group’s Reflektor tour, in which they’ve been covering a city-specific song at each gig. It’s anyone’s guess what D.C.-native cover the band members will choose, but considering they’ve played everything from Dead Kennedys to Prince, a go-go or hardcore cover seems well within the band’s reach. The Washington Post Express’s Rudi Greenberg has his money on Fugazi. Think he’s right? Share your guess in the comments.

Side note: If you’re planning on rocking the YOLO hat, you may not be alone.

Photo by Guy Aroch

Due to a reporting error, an earlier version of this post stated that Will Butler won an Academy Award. In actuality, he was only nominated for one.