Standout Track: No. 3, “Edinburgh,” from 22-year-old Rosslyn-based singer/songwriter Jen Miller’s debut LP, Overgrown, which dropped last month. With its wistful, folksy feel and dreamy, reverb-tinged guitars, the song’s sparse accompaniment accents soulful vocals that recall the sultry tones of PHOX’s Monica Martin.

Musical Motivation: Miller spent her junior year in college interning for the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, where she was flooded with inspiration. “I met the kind of people I had dreamed of, drank too much whiskey, and—most importantly—had a love affair for the movies,” she says. But after returning to the U.S., Miller had trouble dodging daydreams and getting back into the groove of her daily routine. “I had all kinds of twisted emotions about my experiences abroad,” she says. “I wrote ‘Edinburgh’ about how it feels to long to be in another place.”

Crowdsourced: After abandoning hopes of a soccer career after knee surgery at 17, Miller taught herself to play the ukulele and began posting covers on YouTube, which led to some unexpected Internet fandom. “One of my YouTube covers got picked up by Perez Hilton, who reblogged it, and I grew a little, but loyal, following,” she says. Since the nod from the gossip king, Miller’s tunes have continued to generate plenty of buzz online: Overgrown, her second Kickstarter-funded album, bounced around the iTunes Singer/Songwriter top 20 for about three consecutive weeks. But though the distribution of Miller’s albums is fueled by her fans, her songwriting remains a wholly personal effort. “I wrote ‘Edinburgh’ for me,” she says. “So I think some of the lyrics are a little confusing/vague for someone who hasn’t experienced being in Edinburgh…oh well.”

Listen to “Edinburgh” after the jump.