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The first Breaks of September features new music from tabi Bonney, Stay Fly, and Rahiem Supreme. Also, prepare yourself for more fun with Rock Creek Social in the weekend heat.

tabi Bonney’s Latest
The D.C. rapper, who made a surprise appearance at Trillectro last month, is back with new music. “La La” is infectious, as producer Redwine creates a spaced out beat reminiscent of Virginia-based production duo the Neptunes in their prime. Musically, it starts simple and builds, adding intense percussion that makes listeners want to run, dance, or both. Lyrically, Bonney is playful, and his reference to ’90s classics like Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” and R&B outfit Blackstreet’s “Before I Let You Go” (“Still ran that train, Black Sheep/Before I let you go, Blackstreet”) will incite nostalgia and laughter.

Stay Fly’s Reliable Formula 
New blood is always welcome in the Breaks, and rapper Stay Fly released his debut mixtape, Jameson & Weed, at the end of last month. Clearly, he’s a fan of attention-grabbing titles, which the project has plenty of. Take the title track or “Mutombo,” a nod to former Georgetown and NBA great Dikembe Mutombo that speaks to perseverance. Keeping with the basketball theme, “Geno Auriemma” references the legendary coach of the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team, while Stay Fly also shouts out equally lauded former University of Tennessee coach Pat Summitt on the song’s hook. For fans of sample-heavy production and popular culture references will enjoy.

Rahiem Supreme in a Time Capsule
Time Spent—-whose use of VHS to create videos will remind you of childhood birthdays and similar family home movies from the past—-collaborated with Tre’ Banks to produce a video with D.C. rapper Rahiem Supreme. It involves Supreme walking through what looks like a house party in 1993 until he explodes into verse:

Its release is also accompanied by new music from Rahiem Supreme. Inspired by Michael Brown’s death (the single’s cover art features the heartbreaking image of Brown’s father at his funeral), “Ain’t No Love” finds a frustrated Supreme lamenting the futility in confrontations with police: “But is it worth it?/Nah, an ongoing war that never stopped from the start.” The impatient wait for his Lost Gemz project continues.

Listen to Good Music While Eating Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Motivated by their four-year anniversary celebration last month, Rock Creek Social Club will invite fans of music and food to another Grilled Cheese Social celebration tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich while listening to sounds ranging from Kanye West’s “Paranoid” to Atlantic Starr’s “When Love Calls” at Marvin from 1 to 8 p.m.