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The stir began on Friday evening when Wale issued a tweet that, while cryptic, was clearly a reference to his upcoming The Album About Nothing.


Clarity arrived this afternoon in the form of a three-minute trailer. Trailers for albums, music videos, and anything other than films are typically both yawn- and eye-roll-inducing, but the visual—-appropriately titled “Pilot”—-finds the D.C. rapper confronting his demons while images spanning nearly a decade play.

From his infamous Twitter wars to the notion that he abandoned the artistic integrity he spoke so passionately about on his 2008 breakthrough The Mixtape About Nothing, Wale faces it all in this clip—-even his own thin skin. He then (hypothetically) addresses the question that fans who remember watching him perform “Dig Dug” at the now closed Platinum nightclub have been wondering for years: Where did he lose his way, and, more important, how is he going to find it?

Enter Jerry Seinfeld.

The wait for the most important album of Wale’s career continues, but a little more light has been shined on the project’s scope. The stakes are high, and, in addition to revisiting the formula that first earned him national acclaim, Wale has recruited friends in high places to satisfy his fan base. All of it.

Let’s see if the second phase of this rollout includes new music.