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When I talked to Yung Gleesh last month, the biggest revelation the D.C. rapper shared (aside from his dislike for the area’s current music climate) was his promise of new content. “Y’all been watching them old videos, but I got some new shit for you,” he said.

Earlier this week, Gleesh released his Cleansides Finest 3 mixtape, which flaunts his wit, sense of humor, and aggression over the matching trap beats his fans adore.

Cleansides Finest 3—-which includes favorites like “Water,” “Deuce Mane,” and “Gleechie”—-opens on an assertive note with “Who Ridin’.” Dolan Beats provides a march-ready beat that Gleesh attacks with intense clarity. There are plenty of similar songs on the release (that’s the territory Gleesh finds most comfortable at the moment) but Cleansides Finest 3 shows off a bit of musical growth. A remorseful Gleesh mentions donating “$10,000 to a church charity” just to keep his spirits high over demonic production by TrapMoneyBenny, Hurt and Nate Fox on “Sorry.” Meanwhile, “Trappin’ Benny” is properly subdued despite being driven by heavy bass, while the production on the hilariously-titled “Wasabi” has a video game-like feel to it. The video for “Trappin Benny,” below, was directed by Will Hoopes and begins with a cut from “Wasabi.”

There are only two featured acts on the 18-track project (Peewee Longway and MPA Shitro), allowing Gleesh’s personality to take center stage. Overall, Cleansides Finest 3 exhibits progress from an artist whose national popularity is beginning to blossom. Now he won’t have to worry about so-called fans taking his D.C. shows for granted.  Stream the whole mixtape below.