Standout Track: “Blister,” the new cassette single from punk-rock supergroup the Effects, which includes guitarist Devin Ocampo (Medications, Faraquet), bassist Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes), and drummer David Rich (Buildings). The song’s title is appropriate: “Blister” doesn’t waste any part of its loud, rollicking, two-and-a-half minutes. “Let’s burn,” shouts Ocampo atop a wall of crunchy, Eagles of Death Metal–esque guitars. And he does.

Musical Motivation: Ocampo didn’t set out to write a pop song with “Blister”—which came together quickly after he crafted the main riff—though he says he’s toyed with the idea of making simpler music after so many years in the math-rock business. “I like the idea of clean, concise songs,” he says. “In the past, I’d maybe try to put 10 ideas into one song, where now I’m stretching them into maybe 10 songs, which lets me write more material.”

Take It Slow: Ocampo plans on dropping one new song per month on the Effects’ Bandcamp page, forgoing a traditional album rollout. It’s a strategic decision that’ll allow the trio time to play shows in between each release. “Primarily, it’s a way to keep something happening on a regular basis,” Ocampo says. “We knew we’d like to take our time in touring because touring can be difficult for new bands. It’s something that can split apart bands.”

The Effects play Comet Ping Pong on Oct. 18. Stream “Blister” after the jump.