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What’s more punk rock than skateboarding to Dean & Deluca for some artisanal Sicilian grapefruit jam? Probably quite a few things, but then, the members of Laughing Man never were punk rock purists. The genre-bending D.C. quartet released a new video yesterday for its latest single “Brilliant Colors,” a propulsive, surprisingly straightforward track that’s been floating around the Internet since May. The video follows a skateboarding Washingtonian as he kick-flips his way through the District, smoking rollies on the roof of Hole In the Sky and making pit stops to pick up jam and read to kids.

Laughing Man has trafficked in the vintage, lo-fi aesthetic, name dropping Leadbelly in interviews and recording its last album with the hiss of tape. Though its audio quality is cleaner here, the music is still decidedly retrospective; the song is pure post-punk à la Minutemen or Gang of Four, and the band’s forthcoming album is a personal tribute to growing up black and listening to rock music.

“Brilliant Colors” is the first song off of Laughing Man’s sophomore record Be Black Baby, which drops next Tuesday.

Photo by Victoria Milko