Beginning next Friday, you might be asked to check your phone at the door when you come to dance at DC9. The U Street NW music venue and bar launches a new dance party on Oct. 3 called Discnothèque, which encourages guests to put away their phones and focus on the people and music that surround them.

The party is the idea of DJ Sean Morris and DC9 co-owner Bill Spieler; they’re curious whether people will be tempted to interact with other revelers without hiding behind the guise of their phones, if only for an hour or two. They’ll facilitate this by encouraging dancers to drop their mobile devices at the designated phone check. And to incentivize usage of the phone check, those who drop off their phones will receive $5 off the $10 admission fee.

Enforcement won’t be that serious at DC9; guests who don’t check their phones will be able to step off the floor and use it should they need to make a call or find a friend.

So put your phone away and prepare to move a whole lot more when you dance at Discnothèque. At least you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone on the floor.