October’s first installment of the Breaks takes a closer look at Chaz French‘s first project, plus new videos from Diamond District and Fat Trel, and the most unexpected clip of Yung Gleesh dancing. Ever.

Chaz French Releases Happy Belated
Chaz French has been building momentum for the release of his debut project, Happy Belated all year. His performance at the second-annual Broccoli City Festival was followed by a string of songs which provide glimpses of the intensity and passion that defines Happy

Belated. Released this week, the EP showed off plenty of the rapper’s energy, while also displaying refreshing musical diversity and insight.

The intro frames the project, as French spins tales of mistakes, remorse, and a period of homelessness that both humbled and hardened him. Prior releases like “Came Down,” “YNN,” and “YMGLML” with GoldLink have been well-received, but the rapper shows depth on cuts like the Super Miles-produced “Do Better” and “Primavera,” a touching ode to  his daughter and her mother over a trance-like instrumental courtesy of Hovey Benjamin. He allows his frustrations to flow on “The Vent” before Happy Belated ends on an encouraging note with “Before I Die,” where French vows to check everything off of his bucket list.

At this stage of his career, French’s passion in his biggest strength, but Happy Belated is a balanced foray into hip-hop by an artist with limitless potential.

Diamond District’s New Video for “First Step”
With just two weeks remaining before the release of their March on Washington album, D.C. hip-hop trio Diamond District released the video for its triumphant lead single, “First Step.” Directed by Jay Brown, it follows Uptown XO, yU, and Oddisee on individual journeys until their eventual meeting arrives with song’s final verse, delivered by Oddisee. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and Malcolm X Park, the video hits viewers with a blitz of D.C. imagery before ending in a cloud of Oddisee’s hookah smoke.

March on Washington is out on October 14.

YouTube video

Walking Through Fat Trel’s Neighborhood
The video for Fat Trel’s ominous “Walkin’ Thru My Hood” is a crime scene. Seriously, it’s a crime scene: Chalk outlines are accompanied by ample amounts of (fake) blood, bullets, and yellow tape. The 1st Impressions Studio-directed clip features a menacing Trel patrolling his neighborhood in all black like the grim reaper, flanked by his entourage. The video expires just as Trel’s fictional victim does, bringing you as close to witnessing a murder as you can get without actually being there.

Yung Gleesh Dances in A$AP Rocky’s “Multiply” Video
Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky’s antagonistic new video for “Multiply” is dark and noirish like most of his visuals, and while he takes entertaining jabs at fashion victims and certain clothing brands, the video’s highlight is Yung Gleesh’s scene-stealing cameo. While Rocky’s yet-to-be-released “Pretty Flacko 2” plays in the background, Gleesh dances, showing off his fly Adidas in the process.

It’s both unexpected and marvelous.

YouTube video