Standout Track: No. 4, “No Fly List,” a sludgy, aggressive blitz of pounding drums, savage guitar, and brutal bass from Jail Solidarity’s upcoming EP, Pretty Good Privacy, which drops Oct. 28. An overtly political band, the post-hardcore trio—drummer Kristin Eliason, bassist Lindsey Porambo, and guitarist Jason Lobe—use Lobe’s snarling, authoritative vocals to hit listeners with lyrics that explore police brutality, government overreach, and the impact on communities. The EP “has an overarching theme related to privacy,” Lobe says.

Musical Motivation: The band, a trio since 2013 (Lobe and Eliason started jamming together in early 2012), was outraged by reports that the NYPD was illegally spying on Muslim communities. “The song is more specifically about how mysterious and unscientific the standards for being added to different watch lists are, how those on such lists are not notified, and the devastating effects to the people accidentally added,” Lobe says. “What is branded as an efficient process is anything but. It’s basically institutionalized racism that ruins innocent peoples’ lives.”

Fast Lane: While the band’s 2013 debut, Any Space/Whatever, has a slow, consistent feel, “No Fly List” builds into a more dynamic, percussion-led offering. “The song was originally slower, but when we got in the studio, it became quicker and more punchy,” Lobe says. “Kristin reworked some of the drum parts and added some new fills.” The track’s combative vocals match its heady arrangement with Lobe sporadically cranking up the intensity throughout. “We’re fresh off of tour, so we’re excited to bring that energy to the release show,” he says.

Stream “No Fly List” after the jump. Jail Solidarity plays the Black Cat on Oct. 29.