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Jack on Fire, the band responsible for the anti-catcalling anthem “I’m Not Your Fucking Baby” and the Hilton brothers diss track “Burn Down The Brixton,” has a new album out today: Grime and Crime Vol. 1. It’s not the world’s most impressive musical accomplishment; clocking in around 17 minutes, the album owes a lot to GarageBand vocal effects, Le Tigre, and Dr. Seuss rhyme schemes—-which, when combined, aren’t an entirely thrilling sonic formula.

But while the band’s recording techniques and call-and-response songwriting probably won’t inspire a new punk wave, its latest album gets one thing really, really right: grade-A disses.

Like the meanest gossip kid in high school or the most sarcastic socially conscious liberal on your Facebook feed, Jack On Fire dedicates most of its time to serious, targeted insult-lobbing. No despised figure in society is spared: coked-out douchebags, catcallers, NSA data collectors, and WASP-y gentrifiers all find themselves in JOF’s crosshairs.

We’ve made a list of the best disses below. Stream the album after the jump and add your favorites in the comments.

Burn Down the Brixton” It’s a piece of fly paper for dumb white fucks Cranberry vodkas and food that sucks

“Condo” Here’s the condo, here’s the steeple Urban life without urban people

“Cocaine (Will Turn You Into an Asshole)” You won’t ever make Station To Station It’s just a bunch of ego masturbation And if you don’t think that it’ll happen Well shit man look at Eric Clapton

“I’m Not Your Fucking Baby” Not your fucking sweetheart. I’m not your fucking darling I’m not some sexy candy or your goddamn mamacita I’m not your little fucking whore—-I can be a cunt, sure But as much as you, I own this space. Gonna throw that shit back in your face!

“The NSA Has My Dick Pics” Memory banks full of wanks Lost civil liberties, terabytes of dinglies Frank and Gene collate them all Federal databases full of balls